115 €

Waiting for Christmas

From the Franciscan Saint Fermo church to the Cathedral: a way in order to approach the Christmas spirit and lights through some artistic works which celebrated throughout the centuries the birth of Jesus.

DURATION: 2H30 approximately
PRICE: € 112,00 up to 30 passengers / € 125,00 up to 40 passengers / € 145,00 up to 50 passengers
ENTRANCE FEES: Saint Fermo Euro 1,00 each passenger / Cathedral Euro 1,00 each passenger
REMARKS: possible from Tuesday to Sunday (afternoon only) between 10h00 and 17h00 when the churches are open.
On Saturdays the Cathedral closes at 16h00. Aternative: the visit of Saint Anastasia church (€ 1,00 each passenger).
On Sundays churches are open for the touristic visit in the afternoon.

For further information and reservation please contact our office, thank you


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