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Verona in Shakespeare’s eyes

“There is no world without Verona walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence banished is banish’d from the world, And world’s exile is death.” (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet act III, scene III)

Take an unforgettable tour with us and imagine yourself in XIVth century Verona: from the houses of Montagues and Capulets to the tomb of Juliet and much more…the stage is set for the most famous love story of all times.

The tour will start exactly with the above written words: not far away from Piazza Brà and the Arena the desperate words of Romeo can be read: the walls in front of us were the boundary of the city and from here he was banished to Mantua. Our next stop: Porta Borsari where the duel between Romeo and Tybalt took place. We move on and reach Piazza Erbe with its many towers and buildings dating back to the middle ages. The market will surprise you with colours, sounds and smells which are more or less the same today as in the XIVth century. A few steps further and we reach the elegant Piazza dei Signori: here the Della Scala family lived: you will be transported back in time to the first years of the XIVthcentury when this tragic love story took place. In the middle of the square the statue of Dante reminds us that the poet lived in Verona and here he wrote a part of the ‘Divine Comedy’. In his masterpiece he mentioned both families:
“Come and see, you who are negligent, Montagues and Capulets, Monaldi and Filippeschi One lot already grieving, the other in fear.” (Purgatory, canto VIth, 106-108)
Behind the graves of the Della Scala family we will also admire Romeo‘ s house: a very interesting building dating back to the XIIIth-XIVth century, with swallow-tailed battlements:the symbol of the Ghibellines, enemies of the Guelphs. The highlight of the tour is the visit to Juliet’s house. Thousands of messages, notes written by lovers from all around the world, the coat of arms of the mighty family, the bronze statue of young Juliet, everything will capture your attention. A visit inside the house will show you elegant rooms and allow you to step out on to the famous balcony. Most people do not visit the last site of our tour: Juliet’s tomb. By the early XIXth century it became very well known and famous people such as the princess Marie-Louise of Austria, duchess of Parma and second wife of Napoleon and Lord George Byron as well as Charles Dickens visited it. In the crypt, in front of the sepulchre, you will be moved imagining the sad fate which befell the two ‘star-crossed’ lovers.




MAXIMUM DURATION: 3,5 hours MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION: walking tour. SUITED FOR: groups, schools, families, individuals, visitors with reduced mobility* *Some parts of our tour have uneven surfaces and there are few steps along the way. Only steps reach the balcony and the crypt at San Francesco al Corso.


Entrance to Juliet's Home and Juliet's Grave.


TOURIST BUSSES: check out for entrance fee to the city and parking fees. CAR: Parking Arena, Parking Cittadella, Parking Isolo, Parking Centro. All Parking areas are more or less a 10-15 minute walk from the Arena (Piazza Brà).


THIS TOUR IS AVAILABLE IN: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish and Japanese. Ask for the language you are interested in.


TO COMPLETE YOUR DAY: Museum of Castelvecchio, Church of S. Anastasia, Church of S. Fermo. FOR WHOEVER HAS AN EXTRA DAY: Lake Garda, Soave, Valpolicella, the Rice Road Tour.

We reserve the right to slightly modify this itinerary if necessary. ASSOGUIDE is not responsible for changes in the opening hours of the various attractions. Check the exact tariff based on your specific requests at the TARIFFS page.


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