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Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a glacial lake and this explains the geography which changes as you travel along its shores. Spend a few hours or a whole day in order to discover 3 different regions (Lombardy in the west, Trentino in the north and Veneto in the east), many incredible views, castles and churches dating back to the Middle Ages, villas, gardens, small villages nestled between water and mountains.

How about driving all around the lake? This tour will take you to Sirmione – called the pearl of the lake-, a famous thermal location well known already in roman times and surely one of the reasons the family of the poet Catullus lived there and built a magnificent villa, at the end of the peninsula. The remains of the villa, nowadays called ‘Grottos’ can be visited and offer magnificent views of the lake.
Do not forget to walk to the Scaligeri Castle and through the small town before boarding a boat (extra fee to be paid) to Salò where we will stop for about an hour.
The name of this town has become famous because Benito Mussolini founded the ‘Italian Social Republic’ here in September 1943,but it is also known for the invention in 1793 of a fizzy non alcoholic beverage called ‘cedrata’ since it was made with the locally grown citron fruits. It is worth strolling along the lake before we leave.
A few kilometers north of Salò, in Gardone Riviera the atmosphere changes completely and you will find yourself admiring various luxurious villas the most famous of which is the ‘Vittoriale degli Italiani’, former residence of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. The Hruska botanical garden is also here and should you visit it, you will be surrounded with alpine flora but also Mediterranean and tropical vegetation.
Following the western coast of the lake you will reach Gargnano and admire Villa Feltrinelli where Mussolini used to live with Claretta Petacci and then reach the village of Limone which in Italian means ‘lemon’ and it is therefore easy to understand what citrus fruit was cultivated here. Riva del Garda and Torbole bring us to the Trentino region and the typical atmosphere of the XIXth century when the Habsburgs ruled this area.
Driving south we enter the Veneto region and soon see Malcesine a small fisherman’s village with a medieval castle from the time of the Della Scala domination perched atop a rock looking over the lake. A short stop is mandatory and you can explore the narrow and quite steep alleys paved with cobblestones.
Many poets travelled to and also lived in this area: Goethe in Malcesine, André Gide in Torri del Benaco, the next town on our tour.
Many famous people visited Punta San Vigilio, near the town of Garda, where the beautiful renaissance villa built in 1540 by A. Brenzoni overlooking the ‘Bay of Sirens’ hosted, amongst others, Maria Luisa duchess of Parma, the emperor of Russia Alexander, Winston Churchill, various members of the British and Spanish royalty, Laurence Olivier.
Before driving back to Verona we will stop shortly in two small medieval towns along the way: both Garda and Bardolino offer interesting architecture, ancient churches, many shopping opportunities and endless views of the biggest lake of Italy.

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MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION: the bus or car of the clients is necessary for this tour (departure point to be decided with your guide). Maximum height of the bus 3,5 meters due to tunnels between Gargnano and Riva del Garda.

SUITED FOR: groups, families, individuals, visitors with reduced mobility*

*Some parts of our tour have uneven surfaces and there are few steps along the way. Some towns have steep alleys paved with cobblestones.


Boat trip and eventual parking fees.


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CAR: Parking Arena, Parking Cittadella, Parking Isolo, Parking Centro.

All Parking areas are more or less a 10-15 minute walk from the Arena (Piazza Brà).


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FOR WHOEVER HAS AN EXTRA DAY: Verona, Soave, Valpolicella, The Rice Road tour.

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